Sophia Woodward was announced as one of the leads in the new highly anticipated Live-Action film “A Very Loud Christmas”! She will be portraying the LGBTQ+ rocker girl Luna Loud. In addition to acting in the film, Sophia was asked to use her vocal and Guitar skills to perform the movies theme song. The film Premiered in November of 2021 to some of Nickelodeons largest viewing numbers.


Sophia even Bravely chopped her hair for the role to get even more into her “rocker girl” vibe!


aside from her film role, Sophia was a recurring guest star on the FOX show Lethal Weapon as Young Molly. Sophia is an amazing young musical theatre performer who was hand selected for the Kristin Chenoweth Broadway Bootcamp. She can also be seen in a number of short films including Reap What You Sow.





Sophia Woodward LOUD HOUSE 2021- Performance Reelwatch now

Sophia Woodward - Performance Reelwatch now