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Justine Herron She has acted in a national theatrical release comedy special, ‘Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain’, as well as starring Netflix feature films (which had limited theatre release) ‘Cleaver Family Reunion’, ‘Avengers Grimm’ and ‘Sister Code’.  Along with Kevin Hart, Justine has co-starred with other heavy-hitters in the industry.  She starred with John Hensley in the SAG short film ‘Supermom’ where she played the lead, Skyfire the Supermom; it had a successful festival run, domestic & international, as well as airing on national television.  Her leading roles also include Chasity in the short ‘Glass Dress’, Kim in the thriller short ‘Helliversity’, and Liz in the independent SAG feature film, ‘The Broken Legacy’. Justine also has extensive theater experience – performing in musicals since childhood, and taking on lead roles in LA local stage plays such as Tai French’s, ‘Please Don’t Feed The Mannequins’ and Don B. Welch’s production, ‘Love Buddies’.